Points System

Here you can find Member Points standings posted quarterly.

How your points are tallied according to show reports received (for current active members only):

  • Show type:                 National                  District                  State                 Special 
  • Best of Breed:                 20                                15                          10                           6
  • Reserve of Breed:         15                                10                            6                            4
  • Best of Variety:              10                                  6                             5                            3
  • Reserve of Variety:         5                                  4                             3                            2

Click here to visit the Resources page for submitting show reports. Received reports for paid members will earn points. If you see that you have not received points, make sure that you have updated your information (even if you are a lifetime member to ensure we have the correct information) and make sure any dues are paid and current for the year.

2023 Open Class Final Points Results

2023 Junior Class Final Points Results