The articles below are for those interested in expanding their knowledge of the beautiful Modern Game.  All files are PDF and should be accessible on most computers and operating systems.

Two Colour Points For Brown Red Modern Bantams by T. Cleworth

The Modern Game Bantam by Irving deGaris

Red Pyle Moderns by Wallace Leverett

Posing Moderns by Tom Anderson

Philosophy of Judging by Felch, Babcock & Lee

Modern Game Bantams

Modern Game Bantams by I deGaris

Modern Blue and Lemon Blue Game Bantams by C. Schullen

Modern Bantam Seminar by Freeman & Adams

Lessons on Modern Game Bantams-ABA Culture Course

Lesson on Breeding Blue in Modern Game Bantams by C. Schullen

Lemon Blue Modern Bantams by Chas J Schullen

Introduction to Modern Games by Troy Laroche

Feather Conditioning by Cheryl Barnaba

Exhibition Modern Brown Red Bantams by Charles Schullin

Cull Early, Cull Often by Tom Anderson

Cross Breeding Modern Game Bantams & Examples in Red Pyle by J. Baldwin

Combining Red & White to get Pyle-Unknown Author

Brown Reds, Crossing with Birchens by John Wunderlich

Brown Red Game Bantam Breeding Pyle Bantams by JH Carre

Breeding Modern Game Bantams by Harry Brewer

Breeding Modern Bantams by JH Carre

Blue Factor Moderns by Cecil R. Thompson

Blue Feathered Fowl Breeding-ABA Yearbook 1958

Black-Faced Birchens by Wallace Leverett

A Bantam Judging Contest by Lyndon Irwin

Junior Article- Setting Up Breeding Pens by B. Clapp

Junior Article- Picking A Breed by E. Clapp

Junior Article- Modern Games- Pros and Cons of Showing by B. Clapp

Junior Article- Incubation & Brooding

Junior Article- How to Keep Birds Healthy in Winter by Arina Frink